Benjamin Moss specializes in hypnosis to reduce anxiety and anxiety related issues.

Flying Anxiety

A free consultation is the first step – a 45 minute meeting in my office to assess if hypnosis would be appropriate. This also gives you a chance to meet me and see if you’d be comfortable working with me – before any decision is made.

Then, if conditions are right, we schedule a series of four one hour hypnotherapy sessions ( usually once a week ) supplemented with two hypnosis recordings.

With flying anxiety many people experience a “build up” of tension and anxiousness days or weeks in advance of a flight. Some people worry particularly about encountering turbulence. Others have stopped flying altogether.

Hypnosis helps you:

– Relax deeply, and be able to access that inner calmness on the day of the flight.

– Regain control over your own thoughts, feelings and reactions.

– Restore a healthy level of self confidence; a sense of confidence in your ability to travel with greater ease, to go wherever you want to go.

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