Benjamin Moss specializes in hypnosis to reduce anxiety and anxiety related issues.

Test-Taking Anxiety

A free consultation is the first step – a 45 minute meeting in my office to assess if hypnosis would be appropriate. This also gives you a chance to meet me and see if you’d be comfortable working with me – before any decision is made.

Some test-taking clients are mostly worried about ” freezing” or ” going blank ” when the test begins. Many clients are having difficulty during the preparation phase; they are having trouble focusing or they’re avoiding or putting off studying.

In this program we go to work immediately to help you:

– Calm down, and be able to access that calmness and composure on test day.

– Increase your mental focus and concentration, so that every hour of studying is a productive hour.

– Enhance your ability to retain and recall learned information through the use of a “post-hypnotic cue.”

– Restore and strengthen your self confidence and sense of self esteem.

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