Benjamin Moss specializes in hypnosis to reduce anxiety and anxiety related issues.

Sports Hypnosis

A free consultation is the first step – a 45 minute meeting in my office to assess if hypnosis would be appropriate. This also gives you a chance to meet me and see if you’d be comfortable working with me – before any decision is made.

Athletes and coaches are often keenly aware of the tremendous importance of mastering the “mental game” – the psychological aspect of sports performance.
Adult athletes often come in to lower their golf score or to work on their tennis game.
Young athletes, in middle school and high school, work with me for swimming, gymnastics, cheer, softball, baseball, basketball, soccer, pole vaulting………

With a series of personalized hypnotherapy sessions you can:

– Enhance mental focus and concentration.

– Learn to tune out distractions, both internal and external.

– Tap into an inner calmness and composure at the most important moments.

– Increase and strengthen self-confidence and self-assurance.

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